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Trail 856: The "Back to the Pub" Trail

Hares: And How's Her Bush, The Walking Head, Pyro

Location: 1515 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA 22101.

Date: July 24, 2018

Okay... so... let's keep this short.


By the way... speaking of 'short'... have you ever read WH4's hareline? WHOA!!


First... there is this big drama story... followed by directions on how to use condoms. Then they tell you the hareline for the next ten years... add some jokes... and the hot spots to meet around town!!


Not me... I like to keep these things short and simple... you know... just the facts!!


It reminds me of one time... Oh... I was about three and my mom told me and my brother to go out and play with the trains. Now that I think about it... I think she was trying to get rid of us? But... I digress... This week's trail is not just about the trail... but about the OnOnOn, you know... like Herpicles and his Chuys?


What does it say about an owner of a bar and several restaurants, who has been in this country for almost like forever... and he still can't speak English?


And the Afghan, who finally became a U.S. Citizen, who use to be a bartender of said Pub, who actually helped hare a hare with me here. And... then there are the other locals... I think there are like ten Mikes and few Bobs, but only one Zeke. And the same bartenders have been there for as long as I know.


So... to keep this short... Cum out to trail... drink be merry and let's ALL go to the Pub!!



On Out... AHHB



With that being said... this week's trail will "START" is behind the McLean Professional Park at:
1515 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA  22101.


If your trails aren't live, your Hash ain't S.H.I.T.!

Welcome to the SH*T Hash. Looking for something to do on Tuesday nights? Well, look no further!

The S.H.I.T. H3 is one of thousands of social groups that like to run (or walk) and drink beer! We are a "Drinking Club with a Running Problem!" Our goal is to have a good time, meet new people and get a little exercise. For more information about the history of the hash, check out our History page.

We meet every Tuesday, rain or shine, at 6:30 and hares are away at 7:00.

Bear in mind that hashing is an adult activity, and as such requires that you exhibit the responsibilities implied therein. Underage drinking will not be tolerated, and we will be checking ID's for anyone under 69. We also do not condone drinking and driving please conduct yourself accordingly. That being said, if you are of legal age to enjoy fine food, drink, and the company of the greatest people wandering through the woods on any given Tuesday night, please come on out and enjoy!